How to choose the right social channels for business? Why should this be any one’s concern? Well, it is a concern enough for any business trying to increase and maintain its influence on the public. Studies have forever shown that social media has quite a deep influence on the decision-making trends of consumers in various sectors.

Social media has proven its ability to attract and reach more people. The general business world cannot afford to disregard social media anymore. As a result, businesses are increasing their budgets for social media marketing. The immediate challenge to businesses is that there are so many social media channels out there, and they cannot be on all of them.

Most companies are still reluctant to allocate enough funds for social media marketing. On the other hand, time spent on building a good presence for efficient audience engagement is quite taxing. In the modern multi-channel world, it is important to ensure that service provision is made through channels that are favorable to your target audience.

This calls for consistency in customer experience across the channels chosen. It brings in the challenge of efficiently juggling time to the merit of your enterprise. Before you make a choice on suitable social media channels for your business, it is important to consider some very essential points. These are points that will help you to understand and identify channels that your target clientele uses more often.

How to Choose the Right Social Channels for Business

The target audience for your channel

Client demographics substantially guide companies on channel split. When it comes to the target audience, it is paramount to put into considerations factors such as the age of your target audience.

For example, research indicates that Generation Y prefers social media and real-time messaging to telephone communications. The Baby Boomer generation, on the other hand, is more biased towards talking on the phone, while the middle Generation X is okay with using the phone and the email but are not entirely comfortable with real time messaging.

These are some very crucial factors that will guide your choice of the channel but are not the only ones. When it comes to determining how to choose the right social channel for business, it is advisable to zero into more specific characteristics such as the personalities of the clients you have in mind.

This is because the personalities of the customers play a significant part in determining their preferences for customer service channels.

You should ensure your choice considers the needs of the various personality traits. Allow for the outgoing extroverts as well the more reserved introverts. While extroverts may be comfortable with getting on the phone and putting their points openly, introverts may seem to prefer a more non-verbalized or real-time channels.

Understanding this will help you chose a channel that will be relevant to your targeted audience, to the benefit of your business.

The Reach of your Chosen Channel

The number of clients that a channel can reach is a very crucial factor in determining how to choose the right social channels for business. This is guided by the services or the products that you deal with.

It is important to understand and identify the channels that your target market is more inclined to. The more dominant your market is on an individual channel, the more clients the channel will help you to reach.

Target market

It is also very vital to fully understand your business services or products and your intended target market.It all goes down to the type of your business. Businesses that are more centered on consumers will have dominance on different channels from those focused on other businesses.

Channels such as LinkedIn will reach out to more clients working on the Business to Business market. This channel is primarily meant for business networking.

For firms that are more focused on the consumers, channels such as Facebook and Instagram would be perfect as they are more personal.

Once you understand this, choosing the right channel will be much easier and more valuable to your business.

The diagram below sheds more light on social media market breakdown:


Time commitments

One of the most crucial factors when it comes to social media marketing is time.

The fact that the financial resources are considerably low is well compensated in the time input of this marketing strategy. Doing marketing on all the available channels efficiently is virtually impossible.

You should understand that social media marketing is not just about quantity but also quality. This means that you have to know the amount of time you need to tweet, re-tweet, pin, share, and follow. You will thus ensure that your time resources are not spread out too thinly over several channels. This will only be detrimental to the quality of your marketing.

Ensure that you have channels that fit your time resources. What is more rewarding is being consistent and highly engaging with your target audience. To achieve this, choose a manageable number of channels. This will help you to get conversations and build relationships with your audience.

Alternatively, you can consider making use of social media management tools.


Find content that echoes deeply with your audience

When you chose the channel, ensure that the content is also engaging enough to the clients. Over the past years, there has been an upward trend in the consumption of online entertainment. The numbers of consumers watching videos and engaging on social networks have considerably grown.

However so, marketers need to be skilled at coming up with conversations on hot cultural topics that are at par with the industry. Failing to do this will result in ineffective marketing. The desired number of clients showing interest in the not-so-catchy issues will not be achieved.



Social media marketing has become very popular over the past few years. This is thanks to the massive number of potential clients in the platforms today. To tap into the benefits of the social media would be of prime importance especially for business owners. For that, every business marketer should know how to choose the right social channels for business.

This article has been compiled after extensive research. We hope it helps you make the best decisions when determining how to choose the right social channels for business.


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