Social media marketing coupled with strategic brand awareness tactics is one of the easiest ways to grow your brand. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs get it wrong when it comes to using the potential of this technological phenomenon to their own advantage. The following proven tricks for successful social media marketing should form the basis of any social media marketing strategy.


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Proven Tricks for Successful Social Media Marketing

Identifying Your Target Clients

This forms the starting point of all the proven tricks for a successful social media marketing. The first thing you should do before you subscribe your business to any social networking platform is to identify your target audience. For instance, are you looking specifically for males or females? What about age? Are you targeting young people or older people? How about geographical location? Do you serve only a limited area or a global market?

Once you have a perfect understanding of who your ideal customers are, you can use this information to determine where they are likely to be found online. For instance, young people have a tendency of hanging out on platforms like Facebook as well as Twitter, whereas professionals over the age of 30 make up the majority of LinkedIn users.

If you are targeting mature professionals, do not invest all your efforts on Facebook or Twitter. Instead, you should pay more attention to professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn. Do your homework to figure out where your particular target demographic resides online. There is plenty of information online on the demographics of social media users.


Creating Content Strategy

In order for your social media marketing and brand awareness strategy to yield results, content is a key prerequisite. However, it is not always easy to get the attention you are seeking with a content strategy due to so many factors. But the good news is that there are certain ways through which you can increase the impact of the content you create.

One of those is to align your posts with social media metrics and goals. For example;

  • If you are aiming to generate revenue, your metric should be the precise financial value of every lead that a social post generates.
  • If you are looking to create a following, your metric should be subscribers.
  • If your objective is to generate traffic, your metric should be- unique visitors from social websites where you have run your social media campaigns

Also, posting fresh and valuable content on a regular basis can yield results. The more you remind your audience of your solutions to their problems, the more they will get interested in you, resulting in a trustworthy relationship. After identifying a target market, creating epic content naturally comes next in the proven tricks for successful social media marketing.


Determining Your Channel Choice and Marketing Tactics

In order for your social media marketing and brand awareness strategy to be effective, you need to make sure that you choose only the right social media channel for your business. Unfortunately, with so many social media channels to select from, deciding which ones deserve your attention can be such a complex task. But with a little bit of information at your fingertips, it becomes as simple as 123.

For instance, what social networks does your audience use? It makes no sense to subscribe to Snapchat if the consumers you are targeting do not use it. What industry are you in? Not every social media channel will work well for your industry.

You do not have to be on every social media platform. In fact, that approach can do more harm than good.


Acquainting Yourself with the How of Researching Competition

The best way to defeat your opponents is to first learn their ways and use that knowledge to beat them. Analyzing the social media efforts of your competitors gives you the insights that you require to improve your own social media marketing.

For instance, where do your competitors hang out online? How does each one of them present their products or services? What keywords are most businesses using to describe themselves?



Social media marketing is such a brilliant way to grow and expand your business. If you do it the right way, you will get results without having to pay a single dime to any marketing agency out there. Incorporate these proven tricks for successful social media marketing in your social media marketing and brand awareness strategy and you will never regret having made the decision to go down the social media road in your business growth and expansion journey.

Of course, there are other proven tricks for successful social media marketing not mentioned here. However, these form a good basis for a marketing campaign.


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